Hairdresser Health Insurance (NEW)

Hairdresser Health Insurance (NEW)

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How do Hairdressers find affordable health insurance?

Stylists, Barbers, Hairdressers, Cosmetologists, Makeup Artists, Beauticians & Groomers of all kinds…

The industry is colorful, it is vibrant, it is alive! But unfortunately, it is not well insured.

Because Hairdressers and the rest of the above mentioned professions make up an industry that is 5th highest on the list of ‘Most Self-Employed Workers’ (Bureau of Labor), the majority of this resilient workforce does not have access to employer-based health policies. This means health plans that would otherwise get subsidized by a big company or a large organization are only available at a (higher) premium to Hairdressers & Co. This is not satisfactory for those who spend extended periods of time on their feet and in contorted positions to facilitate their work.

But while we know this industry needs adequate coverage as much as any labor force out there, the employment specifics make it especially difficult for Hairdressers & Co who do not typically work as either part-time or full-time employees. And even if they do work for a company or organization in a more steady position, the industry is known to be transient and consequently does not offer Proper Health Benefits.

For Hairdressers & Co who are Self-Employed, income and employment status consists of some combination of owner-operator relationships (fixed rate or % of sales), independent or freelance work, and/or other types of self-proprietorships.

Naturally and to date, the industry (almost in its entirety) best finds Customer Success & Proper Health Benefits by securing medical coverage in the competitive Free Market or by qualifying for a premium or subsidized ACA plan. That said, ACA Marketshare is starting to shift as we begin to see greater leniency for Short-Term Policies and a termination of the Individual Mandate. These working action items are a significant factor in the market because of the Trump Administration’s vision for healthcare in America.  And because the Free Market is only going to get more competitive into 2019 as a result of this kind of new legislation, the best bet for Hairdressers & Co moving forward will continue to be the Free Market. That is truly the only place where Competitive Shopping is readily available at no charge to the consumer.

What is Competitive Shopping?

It is, as a consumer, how you want to navigate through the hurdles that ensure you are not overpaying for you and/or your family to be insured. It is getting comfortable with a licensed advisor or agent and asking the right questions so that you can work around your budget at optimizing cost-efficiencies. Using this value shortcut in the discovery phase of shopping health policies proves to save time and really flex what self-employed workers can exclusively access and ultimately select as far as a comprehensive health policy goes.  

And as is the case for anyone shopping insurance, Hairdressers & Co should always discuss Provider Networks and Access to Benefits upfront with whoever they are speaking to when signing up, ideally someone who specializes in self-employed health coverage. Additionally, you cannot forget to consider the online services & support that are offered by a prospective health insurance  carrier – working closely with a trusted consumer service helps you talk through the tough questions on the front end so that any policy issues do not become problematic when you are trying to access care.

You want to protect your health insurance selection as an investment & resource for you and/or your family. That is what we mean as a consumer resource when we say Competitive Shopping

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